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Compulsion Strange urge

Hey guys

So basically I have been dealing with this thing where I will look at an image/ feel a feeling in my body and have a strong feeling to touch or change it? Let me explain.

So for the bodily sensation, an example. When someone would kid me o would obsessed about my lips or if o had been sweating I would rub my head and it would squeak I would obsesse about my forehead etc.

For the images. This isn't as noticeable only once I think, but I freaked me out. So basically there was an image of a nude woman laying and a hand covering her privates (I know weird) I saw on my facebook feed, and I got a feeling it was off and wrong thoughts of wanting to touch the female. This made me very distressed. I know it doesn't sound bad. But the distressing compulsion urge to change the image was strange, and IDK if the wanting to touch the lady in the picture was enhanced by the feelings I was having but IDK. Please help if you know how this could be related to my anxiety.

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I have no assimilation but possible OCD, do you think?


I have suggested this to my therapist, but she believes it is just a fear of ocd


As w doctors. Never be afraid to get more than one opinion


Thanks buddy will do

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