Help! I'm a mess again

Been up since 3am like always and again woke up with massive anxiety. Legs and stomach vibrating tingeling sensation. I read someone's post about schizophrenia last night and now I'm obsessing over that thinking what if this derealization is the beginning of schizophrenia. I am terrified. I can't stop crying. I just want this feeling to go away.


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  • Hi Cat. How are you feeling now?

  • Not good. You?

  • I'm hanging in there. Have your symptoms from this morning eased off a bit?

  • The vibration yes but not that feeling

  • Anxiety is so powerful and destructive. It makes us feel sostrange at times i think schizophrenia is quite rare. Do you have a friendly doctor you could talk to about it?

  • Yes I will talk to. I mention it to the phycologist and he says NO but I'm so scared

  • Aw hun. It's so hard not to worry. Somerimes even if we do have certain memtal health conditions they can be treated so successfully. But serious ones like the one you are worried about are not likely to happen in most cases.

  • Well, hello again girlfriend. I don't know how old you are....but you're married and have made you smile yesterday by singing...You mentioned you were afraid you might have a certain very serious mental illness. From my past years as an art therapist, I remember that this illness often begins in teenage and very early adult years...You use google...see for yourself and ask your doctors....I may be wrong. But this may ease your mind if you a little older than this.

    Hope you look for something funny or silly in your day that gives you moments of enjoyment. :).

  • I am feeling like you right now, like I am looking through a haze and trying to find my way back. I want to tell you I had this feeling even worse after I had my son eight years ago and it did end up going away ( I did restart meds at that time). There is an end to this but I wish we would know when. Do you also get really exhausted? Right now I am exhausted, dizzy and foggy and slightly nauseous ( great combo). I did force myself to take the dog on a short walk and clean a little downstairs but now I am sitting again because I was getting all shakey. I did end up having a panic attack as well last night ( got all hot and shakey) prob due to celexa side effect.

  • I feel drunk without the alcohol because of the vision. The dream like vision

  • It's amazing you mentioned that. About a month ago I was obsessing that I may have a different mental illness (not going to say which one, I don't want to put the thought of it in anyone's mind). But I started panicking thing I had it because I kept waking up angry and I was not understanding why. I kept feeling mood swings and it was just horrible.

  • The vibrations make me crazy! How do our bodies do that?!

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