Is it normal when you feel like you are zoning out everyday?

I have suffered from panic attacks and social phobia for as long as I remember, on and off medication for the last 6 years at the min I am taking 25mg of sertaline which seem to be helping (more that 50mg I took last year.) My panic attacks are going away but my drifting off/zoning out has got worse and I struggle to focus and complete easy tasks at work its so horrible I feel like I lose grip on reality, it makes me feel very dumb and withdrawn from people and I always feel like being alone. The only good thing is I have started my driving lessons again but can it be safe to drive if you feel yourself zoning out all the time? Im really determind to stick with it and pass this time not give up but cant help thinking It will never happen because of my health. I actually feel like my brain is deteriorating and Im stuck in this damn body and cant escape. I struggle to feel connected with the outside and its hard to even have a conversation with someone because of this day dreaming zoning out its awful and its happening while typing this. Anyone understand How I feel?


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  • Hi SammieXo, more than anxiety, it seems like a drug induced zoning out. Although you are taking 1/2 of what you took last year. Are you on any other meds? At one time, when I was on several different psychiatric drugs, I would zone out, fall asleep on and off and yet I don't remember those times. My daughter told me that I was really out of it. I would have a talk with your doctor as to what he recommends. That's good in that your panic attacks are going away but is it worth the trade off? Take care. It might not be a good idea to drive until you are more in control. Stay safe. x

  • I can relate to the whole concentration issue, I work in a job where I have to write important reports and have a high workload, I've not been at work for the last 4 months, I cannot comprehend reading or writing reports. I can't read a passage of words without drifting off and loosing my focus totally. It is far easier most days to spend time on my own as I can be as distant as I want and not have to put myself in a place I can't cope. I have pushed practically all my friends away because I didn't want them to see how I am and it can be lonely. Keep some goals and try and take little steps

  • Hello, yes its very frustrating to not be able to focus at work, I feel really dumb on this med and its really getting me down the panic attacks are less now but this feeling in a dream like state is awful. its so tiring

  • I can related big time. I was on Zoloft 100 and felt tired and I am always sure that it made this depersonalization/derealization worse. I went down all the way to 25 this week to come off of it and I feel less "drunk" now. I don't know. Zoloft was weird to me

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