I can't stop crying! I need some serious reassurance

Please anyone out there that dealt with this Derealization nightmare tell me it's going to be ok. Please tell me how you got over this. I am a mess. I don't know to to ignore this when this fake unreal dream feeling is so strong and sends me to a panic. I rather have my eyes closed. I don't know what else to do anymore.


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  • Hello

    It is so frightening when we are in the depths of anxiety , it feels like it will never leave us , we will always be hanging on trying to get through another day and these feelings that frighten us will be there for ever but believe me it does and will get better :-)

    With Anxiety it is not a quick fix , wish it was but it takes time and we have to allow ourselves that time just like if we were suffering with anything else and were ill we would allow ourselves time to heal this is no different

    I see you are seeing a therapist , you have to put your trust in them and if they say this is anxiety then trust they are right , and yes if feels like you will go mad at times , that it must be something more than what they are saying but anxiety is such a powerful thing it can make you feel all these things but once you can start to accept this is your anxiety you are a step closer to getting well again :-)

    We do look for reassurance and when we get it for short while we can feel a little better but it never lasts because without learning to deal with our anxiety we tend to need reassurance all the time and it is never there all the time , so take the tools the therapist is trying to give you and start to try and use them in times like now and slowly it will get easier :-)

    When you feel this coming on , tell yourself OK I know exactly what you are and what is happening , yes it is unpleasant but it will pass and it won't harm me , do something to distract how you feel even if you sit and listen to maybe some music but let it come and when it has passed again take note that it did so you can try and start to reassure you self :-)

    I hope you are feeling slightly better , maybe a nice relaxing bath , hot drink and try and relax and wind down best you can :-)

    Take Care x

  • You are torturing yourself and you need help with this please see your doctor as soon as you can and get professional reassurance remember what the pshycologist said

    Please please take the advice I gave you about relaxation techniques I know it's horrific and I feel your pain but you are adding anxiety to anxiety and trying to fight it which is making it worse Breathe breathe breathe

  • I spoke to my psichriatrist yesterday and she reassure me that this is anxiety but I still feel horrible. I see her next week for a change in medication.

  • Please believe her and Lulu's post is excellent

  • I have had this and the only way I moved past it - ironically- is to not fear it.

    I have a question for you,

    What is one thing that you wish were available to you when experiencing a panic attack or anxiety attack?

  • Something to make it stop... I don't know my panic attacks are intense. I get tunnel vision and out of body feeling. At that time I can't even think.

  • You are not alone with this feeling every day I have this feeling of zoning out and not able to focus at work I feel like I am in a dream constantly and cant get a grip of what is real happening around me right now I am taking 25mg of sertaline which has helped my panics but not the drifting off into a dream feeling.. I have managed to start my driving lessons again but it is a struggle as sometimes I feel like I am not really there Im starting to wonder of its really same for someone to drive when they have mental health problems I feel like giving up

  • It's been 6 weeks for me. I just sent you a message. I am on Zoloft but I'm getting switched next week to something else. This is a nightmare. I totally lost myself. I'm like a zombie

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