Soo I feel PRETTY stupid and stuff getting so concerned about my health to come up here but oh well...Basically, last night I kind of had an argument w my parents (I'm a really sensitive person) and it was really bad and I started crying and stuff and the argument continued up to a point where I ran to the room and started crying so badly until it got uncontrollable. Mom and dad were still in the other room yelling and that got me upset. I started breathing really heavily like my heart was beating faster than usual or something..? I was breathing in and out continuously but very loudly and I remained like that for a while still breathing loudly in and out and I was sweating really bad and my hand was completely numb and I couldn't even move..half way up it continued until I became unconscious or something until I heard my parents screaming again and it was because my behavior was really abnormal and they were able to hear me from the other end of the house and they ran back to my room to see what was happening. My parents were freaked out yet they thought I was just being a drama queen or something and they tried to calm me down but bruh I was breathing so heavily in and out and my heart was beating a lot faster and I kept getting hiccups in between which very oddly makes me laugh now...and then a while later my mom n dad gave me a glass of water which, Fyi I couldn't even hold the cup and the whole thing was wasted...But I did end up drinking water...And it became I started calming down..but it didn't stop..the unusual just got softer and softer..and then yeah..but a while after mom and dad came up to talk to me but the minute I saw them it started again..the heavy breathing and the very ridiculous hiccups started..After they left I went on for half an hour until I fell back asleep but I kept getting up in the middle of the night... I couldn't sleep the whole day...Idk what's going on. Side note: I've had a congenital heart disease and pulmonary stenosis has nothing to do but anyways I'm adding that..In total: the symptoms were heart palpitations of whatever its called..breathing so loud I wouldn't have felt surprised If my neighbors came..also numbness, I felt like a god damn statue...hiccups..gosh the hiccups nonstop made it look like it was funny but I was crying like hell and I couldn't any ideas on what that was??


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  • claire_11, you hyperventilated, your emotions got the best of you and between breathing fast as well as possibly holding your breath at times made you feel this sensation. It was a panic attack that put your body in overdrive with no release but your crying. The hiccups were actually a way your body was trying to slow down your breathing some. Sipping water is a way to try and take the attention away from the out of control emotions someone is going through. I hope you settled down and are doing better. Do you have a therapist you can call or your doctor, just to let them know what happened especially if you are still not feeling well.

    Try to use today in doing some deep breathing and meditation that you can easily find on YouTube. It will help restore your balance. Also make sure you hydrate. Feel better and keep us posted as to how you are doing. x

  • It sounds like a panic attack sweetheart. I'm sorry you & your parents are going through a tough time. Love & hugs sent your way! x

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