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Stomach still not better

I'm laying on my floor as this anxiety is happening hopefully typing this works it us ally does but blaas today I went for a walk had to try a few times .. before going out I always get scarred I use to never be as a kid I'd beg my parents to let me walk to school in -20 weather but since these stomach pains started it caused so much to wreck in my life still no cure and no diognosis ... it is very sad...wish I could find someone in this world that has the same as me to talk to or had to be able to tell me how to fix this ...I'm thinking it could be ibs or even just stress.. because it has bin 7 whole years every single day I go threw this shitty pain were I really wanna end my life I can't get a job with this and I can't do things normal ppl do like are just wish I could fit in n get fixed I just moved far from home as well its so weird I never knew I'd ever have these problems :( sad

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Dylon19, I was where you are at one time, very long ago. Actually it was before I even knew about anxiety. Stomach problems day in and day out. Constantly going for tests year after year. I was told at that time that it was nerves but I didn't believe it. I was given antispasmodic meds in order to get through the day. I was also told not to chew gum anymore because I was swallowing a lot of air which made the upper stomach painful.

The doctor was getting frustrated at my constant complaining that something had to be wrong. One day he said, since he couldn't find anything (he never did mention anxiety) he could do an exploratory surgery if I wanted to be cut from stem to stern. I realized then, I needed help not by a medical doctor but a therapist. It went away, I hardly remember the day, it kind of just disappeared on it's own. Now I understand that it was the beginning of anxiety which just happened to pick the stomach as an outlet. From there it went to daily headaches, but that's another story.

Hang in there Dylon, try to find a different way of approaching the chronic stomach issue, you may find an answer out there. Good Luck.

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You are the best solid :) yea I just woke up I haven't even bun up for a hour now and I'm tired again :s it's insane just what you said is most likely the cause ..just anxiety I'll look more into this :)!

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