What a nightmare

Trying to cook and can't. Because I'm on high alert over this derealization. I know you guys are probably sick of me posting but I don't have anyone else to talk too Sorry. I'm standing in my kitchen feeling drunk without alcohol because that's how derealization makes me feel. Then the lights on my kitchen freak my out cuz it feels like a dream. This is really a disturbing thing

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  • Oh, no.. I can relate to that feeling with the lights... Don't worry about posting lots, I guess it's why this forum is here..

    Can you make a hot drink safely and just sit with it for a while? Maybe just a few minutes breather..

  • I been doing a lot of sitting today. I spend all day in my room because of this stupid derealization. I been like this for over 6 weeks. I am exhasted

  • Oh, sorry to hear.. I'm not much use really but can imagine how frustrating it must be for you..

  • I get like that when i sit too much and ponder and think.and obsess and ruminate etc. Get outdoors. Pull some weeds. Shake some blankets. Chop some wood. Dance. Wear sunglasses inside if the lights fuel your anxiety. Do anything that involves moving. Download the DARE app - he has some fantastic audio that instantly calms you down. I have panic whilst driving so yesterday i drove by myself (first time in months) with Barry as my co driver talking to me and giving me tips on how to reduce the anxiety. As Jeff1234 says stop the fight. Just accept and float. It won't feel great straight away but it will give your mind a small break. Hugs v

  • Thank You! I will try my best.

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