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Feeling stupid!

Is it just me or does anybody else get so paranoid going near someone who is poorly/got a bug!?

I have been near (but not to near) somebody today helping them get there child to school whilst they've been unable to get out who is just getting over the Sickness bug! It's a good dose of it because they've been ill for about 4dys with it now!!

And now since I've been near them I keep getting so paranoid and feeling sick!?

For some reason I have a massive fear of sick! I hate it, hate the smell, hate it when people are being sick around me! Hate the sound and everything!

Just a massive NO NO for me!!

Just don't know if it's this massive fear I have of sick that's just getting in my head and making me over think everything or if I'm coming down with it (even though my households had it about a week ago)

Just so fed up of overthinking all the time when I come into a situation like this!! 😒😡

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Hi Kayleigh1991, I don't think you are alone in avoiding people who are sick. After all, we have enough to contend with anxiety without picking up a health issue as well. I mean, short of living in a bubble, we can't avoid all germs. Think positive. Stay strong.


I think most people avoid people that they know are sick. However at least for me it doesn't make me feel worse or have anxiety. Everyone is a little different, and if that is something that bothers you. Then just try your best to stay away from sickly people, sometimes it's easy and other times it can be a bit more difficult.

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What is the worst thing that can happen if you get sick?

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I am exactly the same, it is an awful feeling, I have a phobia and anxiety plays a big part. When I was young all our family had food poisoning and was very traumatic, my mum was alway sick with alcohol. Since then the thought or sound of that makes me panic, my heart races and i pass out when I think it will happen,, if my son says his friend was sick at school I always ask him if he was near him. I hate it, my older son got drunk one night and he was so ill, now I panic if he goes out.....not nice, so I'm with you on that one, and I need help too xx


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