Just spoke to the phychriatrist and she keeps reassuring me that this derealization is a phenomenon from anxiety and she almost seem like she got mad at me and kept saying "I'm telling you this is anxiety!" Anyways, long story short she wants me to come off Zoloft slowly so when I see her next week I will be completely off and we can talk about switching. What's better than Zoloft? I know this is a stupid question but what has worked better for you? I'm desperate here. Apparently she thinks I developed a reaction to Zoloft so I need something else.


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  • I am just starting celexa ( citralapam). It worked wonders for my mother and husband. I was also on Zoloft which worked for me quite well until January when all hell broke loose and I started having panic attacks again. I could never go up on the dosage from 50 since it made me so agitated.

  • That's actually what happened here. First it wasn't working at all so when I went up to 100mg 4 days ago it got me super tired and I was even trembling. My leg wouldn't stop. I have bruising too. She said I need something high and since I can't go high on Zoloft then I need to be switched. Zoloft hasn't worked for me anyways. It did get rid of the weird thoughts and gave me some energy but I'm still suffering from derealization and anxiety.

  • I am starting out at a very low dose of celexa because I also take Busphar. What I should have done is stayed on low dose Zoloft and added Busphar to it. I feel like Busphar alone only works for an hour then wears off do need something long acting. Busphar did help with calming panic attacks and heart palpitations but I also think it's leading to my dizziness, off balance feeling. I hope to try to get off Busphar and use celexa only maybe at a higher dose if it works for me. I never had a drugged out feeling with low dose Zoloft ( agitation and anxiety with high dose) and I get a drugged up feeling with Busphar since I increased to 30 mg. Celexa has so far made me somewhat nauseous but I will def give it more of a chance. My husband and mother never had side effects from celexa, it's less addictive than the other drugs.

  • noemikahle, I believe that benzos do give you that drugged out feeling and can make you feel dizzy and off balanced. I don't feel that anymore since I am off benzos. Wish you well in finding what works best for you. x

  • That's exactly why I don't like Xanax. Made all my symptoms worse

  • The thing is CatP36, there's a time and place for everything. Xanax does work and helps especially when in a crisis situation. The problem is anxiety is a chronic issue that can take time to get to the right med and dose or to find the right solution. I know you are struggling right now and I wish there were a quick fix. Hopefully you will find what works best for you. x

  • Can you have anxiety without noticing? I mean I didn't have severe anxiety or depression before this. I was so happy! I just don't understand. I don't know what my brain is trying to save me from. I was fine.

  • Have you ever heard of a Type A personality?? Some of us are wired differently from the time we are young. What is instilled in us as youngsters sometimes carries on in adulthood and becomes anxiety.

    Something along the way for you put fear, doubt or negative thoughts in your mind which came out us anxiety or depression.

  • I'm pretty sure this is what happened with me. We all have different beginnings, but I can remember having a fear of dying at a very young age, probably around age 5. I lived with my mum in my grandparents house from birth until age 4. They had lost a 14 year old son, just 4 years before my birth and were in deep grief. I wonder if this had an impact on my 'dark' feelings. My mother - a great story teller of the war years and family events, could be quite graphic (not deliberately), she was a person who accepted the ups and downs in life - unlike me. I was always described as a sensitive and highly strung child or a 'worrier'.

  • veganese, I can relate to my childhood days as being loving but very over protected whether sick or well. I was and am still very sensitive to what people think of me.

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