Help! Zoloft question

I usually take Zoloft at 6:30am but the increased dosage is making me super tired so today I decided not to take it in the morning and wait until the evening..... it is now 7:21am and I am feeling extra extra anxiety. Is this normal? Should I just try my best to ignore until evening? Also the doctor is suppose to call me today to maybe switch pills because Zoloft is not really working... what medications have worked for you for panic disorder, Ptsd and derealization????


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  • How long have you been on zoloft and how much are you taking

  • I been on Zoloft for almost 6 weeks and for 4 days I been taking 100mg

  • Could you be having anxiety because in your mind you didn't take your meds?

  • Probably but this medicine hasn't really been working. I would get up at 2am everyday and by 4am my body was full of anxiety for no reason.

  • Were you on 50mg before? I mean that's a small dose, or zoloft might not be right for you it's all trial and error really which sucks

  • I was on 25,50,75, and now 100. I was really hoping this medication would work. This is the first time I have taken medication. It sucks

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