Please can anyone related!!????

I don't know what to think anymore. I need to know if this is really anxiety or something else. I'm tired of feeling like this! It's been over 6 weeks. My life just got sucked dried for no reason. I was happy 6 weeks ago! Nothing was going on.

his is what happens to me and please let me know if anyone can relate. I start looking around because everything seems weird like a dream and I feel panic coming and all of a sudden my brain starts buzzing and all the focus goes to my eyes. I don't feel my body at all. Just warm buzzing feeling. Then if I don't snap out of it and calm down I get tunnel vision and hyperventilating, heart starts racing, and I want to scream and run. Thankfully I am able to snap out of the full one. Anyone can relate? This is the best I can explain this.! Also my brain won't shut off. It's like on its own. Like 2 difference people. I'm tired of feeling like this

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  • I felt like this maybe 2 months ago, it has calmed down since but I still get it on and off. I believe it's depersonalization or derealization. I was not diagnosed with it but when I explained these symptoms to my Therapist at my first visit, she said that is normal with anxiety and depression.

  • This is what my doctor keeps saying but I have been on medication and I'm still feeling horrific. How did you get better?

  • I'm not 100% better but I distracted myself by getting out of the house, walking on the treadmill or doing some forms of cardio when I started to feel it. I was keeping fruit and vegetables near by in the fridge, like strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, celery because they're not heavy foods and I felt calm after eating them. Also telling myself it's just a feeling, getting fresh air even if that means just opening a window and breathing out of it. I'm not on any Medication andI pray I stay this way and fight whatever this is. Also getting up here helps to write out what you're feeling.

  • I should try hard to do the same. I find it that it gets worst at night. And with lights and at the stores. It's a mess

  • Yes, bright lights, crowded places and when it's almost bed time. I was having it constant all day and didn't want any light. I was terrified to go outside because I thought something was going to happen to me. If you have someone that understands what you are going through, ask them to go to stores with you or ask if it's okay if you can talk to them on the phone while you try to get out and get some air. If not you can always message me when you're feeling scared because I definitely understand.

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