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Need to get answers :(

Hi im new to the group and im 34 years old i have a beautiful little boy who is 3 and very full on. Ive struggled with aniexty on and off most of my life but it never really stopped me doing anything . But now the last 3 years mostly last year it has effected me in ways i have never had experienced before. Like i have been at home with my son who is absolutely my world since he was born even before had the last 3 months of pregnancy because i was so sick. But now if i need to drive further then the shop i get really anxious and feel dizzy and sick. Or if i have to go to somones house not everyone's just some i get really sick or feel dizzy. I had my gallbladder removed 4 months after parker was born so since then ive had so many issues with my body its crazy. But most of all this last year when im due for my period i get dizzy, migraine, sensitive to light , sad and mad and feel like im dying slowly as my body has got nothing to give. Ive become a hermet because of all my issues with my health and now my aniexty is always dreadful full of horrible thoughts just before my period and when my perods comes it helps alittle but still takes me a few days to feel normal again. Im going for some blood tommrow to see whats going on . Anyone else suffer like this ? And i feel ever 3 to 4 months my period is really bad i mean cramps and body just hurts and takes so long to feel ok.

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I know it is hard when you have young children to care for and you feel anxious and not able to enjoy each day,try to remember if you can that thoughts wont harm you,hormones cause lots of emotional and physcological imbalances,i am a lot older than yourself and have struggled with anxiety and horrible symptoms from it,i feel worse when i am responsible for my grandchildren and i seem to feel more anxious under any pressure,the symptoms you have migraine,dizziness are horrible,i get the same symptoms myself,i dont have any answers other than i try to remember each time i feel anxious,i tell myself i have felt this before many times and it cannot harm me,to carry on is the best way to decrease anxiety,also you said it has got worse since you had your little boy,mine got worse after having my children,thats why i think our hormones are imbalanced and this can cause lots of symptoms but they wont harm you,i wish you well and hope you can find the best way for you to enjoy your life with your anxiety,


I am a grandmother too, and my story is very similar to yours. I've struggled on and off with anxiety since I was 22 years old. My husband died that year in a motorcycle accident. I haven't found anything yet that will help me, but this forum brings me great comfort. Thank you for your post!


Nickkle28, you ask if anyone else here suffers from agrophobia, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light and feel like they're dying? About 10,000 of us at the last count, you have listed some of the most common symptoms of anxiety disorder so you are in good company. It's good that you are going for some blood tests in case it is something organic, but it sounds very much like an over sensitised nervous system to me. Living what you call the life of a hermit is no existence for you or your young son, so I'm sure you'll agree it's time to do something positive about recovering.

What's happened to you is this: somehow known only to you you've been under a lot of strain, stress and worry and this has reached the point where your nerves are starting to complain. They have become super sensitive and in that state they start to bombard you with bad feelings of many varieties, some even mimicing physical ailments. Without realising it you have been prolonging this sensitivity by the fear and anguish you produce every time you experience an anxiety symptom - over sensitised nerves thrive on the constant fear you feed them with.

You need to give your nerves a chance to recover so you and the son you love can enjoy life the way every mother and child deserve. So instead of fighting and fearing every time you feel one of the symptoms of anxiety, you should try accepting the bad feelings with the minimum of fear you can muster. You see, once you Accept for the time being the symptoms of your anxiety you're no longer producing tension and fear to feed the cause of your illness. At the moment you're letting a few blips and glitches in your overwrought nervous system to frighten you half to death. Are youreally going to let a few blips in your nervous circuitry intimidate you into living the life of a hermit?

Let's be clear, when I say to accept the symptoms I don't mean the bad feelings will yield immediately. I mean carrying on for a while doing the things you want to do despite feeling that horrible anxiety but genuinely accepting it with less and less fear until although it's still there it hardly bothers you. This allows your nerves to recover and you feel the joy if life again.

The same thing applies to your drives into the outside world and visiting shops. Just keep driving and walking regardless of how you feel and by accepting it you return to the way you were before the nightmare began. You're not going to collapse or freeze unable to walk, it's a case of DO WHAT YOU FEAR AND THE DEATH OF FEAR IS ASSURED. So start practicing Acceptance as the first step towards happier days for you and your beloved son.


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