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Ask and you will receive !

I was told many years ago by an old fella that the worst anyone can say to you is no. So, not being afraid of being knocked back a few weeks ago, I emailed Micheal the guy who helped me with my IBS and Anxiety and told him I was a member of this board and asked if he could, would he do a sound clip of the emotional energy drain which helped me so much to understand why I was so drained all the time.

I got an email back today saying he had done a clip of some of the Resource Library 1 which covers most of what I asked for. As he had heard of this board he says he also set up a 25% discount for members, this is on top of his current discounts. He will keep it offered for a while. He said to mention HU-Anx25

What a man this is so typical of how I remember him. I have listened to the clip and I remember it so well!! The link if anyone is interested is below. Also I have no vested interest, just wanting to contribute best I know how.


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