Not letting it get to me!

I am determined to kick this derealization ass. If you been keeping up with my post, I started fighting off panic attacks 6 weeks ago and still got all the afterward symptom like derealization, disoriented, depression, anxiety, and so on. Well right now I decided that I wasn't going to let this crap ruin my life! Lights are a big issue for me now since it makes the derealization worst. So I just went downstairs and had a full conversation with my cousin with the lights on and I was about to run upstairs but I said NO! You stay and don't give this crap more power! And I did. BABY STEPS!

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  • That's fantastic baby steps will get you there

    You are on your way back now to your happy life 👏👏👏

  • Thank You! I sure hope so

  • Look at the difference in your posts it's fantastic to see 🤗

  • That's how it's done your in control not the anxiety. Do that more often and you will see an improvement 👏👏

  • I am really trying today I woke up bad. This is just terrible

  • It's horrible I know but if you stand your ground you can beat it and little achievements like that will make your stronger and you will feel more confident in yourself so keep it going good and bad days don't forget but keep it up. I have controlled my anxiety but I still have fog brain and slight dizziness these are the symptoms I still get so annoying.

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