What is wrong with me?

Last night I was just laying down on bed when I started feeling panicky and my hands started shaking. I have panic attacks quite often but this didn't feel like a panic attack. This lasted for 5 hours so eventually I just got out of the house and drove out of the state which I don't often do but I did. After I got back home I wasn't panicky anymore but I was still wondering why and how.


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  • That is a typical panic attack always creeps up on you when you least expect it my longest is 5 hours to the reason you calmed down is because you used up that adrenaline by going out in your car because you're mind was concentrated on something else rather than your panic attack.although I do strongly advise not to drive while in full panic mode just in case it gets too severe where u cannot concentrate I've had a few like that.our body's go into full panic mode when we fear we are in danger so our body produces adrenaline as a coping mechanism to protect us from this.we might not think we in danger and still have a panic attack just our mind playing tricks on us.we've all been there and still are.Take care of yourself.

  • It wasn't a panic attack. I know it wasn't. It felt different then most of the panic attacks I have.

  • Really! Maybe you should go see your gp just ask him to check you over to put your mind at ease

  • Was you thinking about anything before this happened

  • No. I was about ready to fall asleep.

  • You know Natzsteveo is right in asking what you might have been thinking about before going to sleep. Our thoughts, our fears, going to bed with electronic devices etc. I was wondering if you might have had a cup of coffee like you do in the mornings. Caffeine in the evening can exacerbate the adrenaline and start the shakes. Hope tonight is better night.

  • Tonight is already going bad. My hands are already shaking.

  • I wouldn't rule out the anxiety attack though because I've had it 16 years and sometimes it's the same or completely different but just go see your gp you could just be coming down with a virus

  • Sometimes it's where u live doing it worse I get like that a lot I have a dog n follows me everywhere when I have one dogs are amazing to have

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