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Tired of Faking

Does anyone else hide their anxiety from people they care about? Like the extent of it? I feel like whenever I get the courage to go hangout with my friends; I'm constantly thinking about what bad things are gonna happen to me. Or even at school, I have jelly or sometimes heavy legs and constant dizziness off balance feeeling and I try to act normal on the outside. I even hung out with my best friend/ex and had a panic attack while he was driving and I pretended to take a nap, while I was secretly feeling so faint and deep breathing. Anyone else struggle and feel like they're always hiding?

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Courtflyjay, Oh tell me about putting on a show and having a big smile when meeting people I know. I always want to make people happy, laugh, smile and I pay for it. It's not that it's not me but that my over sensitized nerves can't handle the stimulation from talking. I usually walk away feeling lightheaded and need time to reboot. So you are not alone, I think we all tend to pretend we are the average joe. :)

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When I was younger, I was very embarrassed of my anxiety and panic attacks. I didn't know what was going on. I believed I was the only person who felt like this. I thought I was crazy or sick! I never told anyone and tried to live normally.

Without speaking out, I became a prisoner. It took me years to finally open up. When I started talking about how I felt, it was as if a huge weight came off my shoulders. I realized that I wasn't alone, I realized that others hid there feelings thinking they were plain crazy too.

Now I tell everyone my story of my struggles with anxiety, etc. So many people have thanked me for helping them get their life back. I helped them by simply telling them my story.

I hope you open up to a trusted friend. Talking will help you tremendously!

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Thanks! Is your anxiety better now?


I've had anxiety, OCD, and depression since I was 4. I'm 49 now. But in the 70's no one knew about anxiety and no one talked about it. So I thought I was crazy. But in my early 20's, I began listening to guided meditation to relax. This was very helpful!!!

I meditate everyday several times and it's made all the difference. It is an exercise that helps you get in control of your thoughts. With anxiety, your mind runs free and you think of everything and you can't stop. So meditation is what makes your brain behave. It makes so much sense. Practice everyday and you will begin to feel calmer and more in control of your thoughts.

Yes, my anxiety is under control. I feel so much better!

Read as much as you can about anxiety and educate yourself. You can do this!


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