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I feel like I need to be locked up in a room until I feel better or the medication kicks in. Because me battling my brain and body all day everyday for 6 weeks it's so damn exhausting. I still get up and take my kids to school and try to do normal routine all while battling this brain and body. I just don't even know what normal is anymore or how I'm going to be normal again. This is so ridiculous. I can't enjoy absolutely anything anymore. The only place I feel calm is my bed. I just want to be in there all day without thinking about unreal feelings. Or am I dreaming when I damn know I am not! Just damn fed up!

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  • Your not the only one is like my brain trying control all the stuff in my body my heart beating symthoms in my body spasm body feeling sore its like idk my head feels wierd aswell its a crazy feeling i dont feel the same anymore how i use to always was out enjoying my self going out no problems at all until one day i smoked some weed and triggered me had a panick attack for about 30 minutes only way i calm down was by throwing up my friend and i smoke the same thing he was calm relax i was the only going nuts i smoked for three years or two it never hit me like that doe i use to feel my heart racing but wouldnt pay it no mind until that happen it hit me really hard ever sense then been feeling like this for 4 months with out knowing wth that one time did to me because sense that day my friend is still fine but everything change for me alot i panick for anything now shortness of breath all the time and my head feeling wierd saw alot of docters been to the hospital 6 or 7 times when that happen they say im fine everything is normal even went to see a cardiologist because my heart was beating crazy fast ever sense then for no reason i use to get wierd feelings in my body like a rush right there my heart beats fast he did alot of test also said im fine that i have a arrythmia but not a dangerous one its stress related but idk alot been going on after that just one day it change my life if i continue the same dont know what im going to do i feel like im going crazy my head always feels wierd but goodluck you will get better atleast you didnt experince what i did .💯🙌🏻

  • I feel your pain. Are you taking any medications?

  • The docter gave me something called paxil but i havent took any and metaprolol i take it sometimes only when my heart is racing i been trying to control it my self

  • I'm not a doctor but I don't think you should be taking metaprolol as needed. It's not that type of drug.

    On a side note, this is my first post. I've been a lurker for a while and everyone elses posts have been a big help to me. Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one going through these things. (not that I'd wish it on anyone but you know what I mean) I can tell you something I learned about panic attacks that might help you understand what's happening to you...everyone who gets panic attacks has to have the 1st one at some point in their life. Most are predisposed to having them (no fault of our own, usually genetic) and I know that in many cases marijuana has brought on the 1st panic attack for many people. You would have had a panic attack sooner or later. In my case my 1st panic attack was in the middle of the night. Woke up from a sound sleep with a full fledged panic attack out of the blue. Scared the crap out of me and caused a fear of being alone after that because I didn't know what it was and couldn't get in touch with any of my friends or family at 3AM. That was 30 years ago and I still have issues with being alone. Anyhow, I hope this information about marijuana helps you. I'm almost positive you would've had a panic attack at some point, you just brought it out sooner. Again, I'm not a doctor but after years of researching anxiety and panic attacks I've came across your situation many times.

    Cat: Same here...it does get better over time. We all need to feel better immediately but it won't happen unfortunately. It's one step forward and 2 steps back. In my case I was doing well for a few years and had a major setback recently. I can relate to wanting to stay in your "safe place" 100%

  • Take the Paxil!

  • who me ? idk if should my heart its the one im worrying the most now they gave me beta blockers if it happens they say take it it should relax me and calm down the heart rate and blood pressure

  • Is it Xanax?

  • No xnax work right away paxil takes three weeks to really work or a month

  • How does your head feel can you explain it more detailed ?

  • Like dizzy or light headed at times and i space out my vision but its like so wierd make me have shortness or breath or like im about to pass out and i fight it i could go out some where and my head alays feel like that and my vison sometimes feel unreal or dream like its a crazy feeling and im tierd of it dont kno what to do and i cant relax my body aswell always moving like twitching aswell or i cant be some where for so long like i have to leave right away been trying fight but when i do i feel tierd or get body pain

  • Yep! It's called derealization. My vision is also messed up. Everything looks intense and like a dream. It's more of a nightmare

  • yeah its crazy feeling for experincing smoking weed it wasnt laced my friend was fine but for some reason i get that alot the head feeling like really nervous for any little thing like i could feel my heart trying to speed up and i my jaw i bite my teeth so i could try to calm down because its hard

  • You should get the Paxil

  • you mean drink it i have it already but i just dont like taking those type of pills

  • I don't like pills neither but I want my normal life back and I'm willing to try anything for me and my family

  • Yeah i know like now i went to the barbershop everything well i notice if i talk to someone or disract my self and having fun like i dont pay no mind to nun of it its just when im home much and thinking or any pain i take it far and think bad things

  • Do you feel strongly confused and difficult to think. ?

  • Yes

  • Yeahh

  • I know how you feel as soon as my eyes open, the racing thought start my heart racers, my stomach on full spin my legs are like jelly, I feel like I should be locked up too, its totally debilitating, feel so useless and life seems so pointless, today my thoughts are on the future all negative I'm so emotional wish it would stop.

  • I'm the same way the last few weeks have been hell I dread to see the the sun come up start getting panicked at the thought of getting up trying to make it through another day don't know what to do. Do you take any medicine?

  • I been on Zoloft for 1 month and it's not working. I think I'm getting it switched this week.

  • May I suggest where you're going wrong, you say you're battling your brain and body all day, it's so damn exhausting. I suggest that you stop 'fighting' or battling as you describe it because trying to fight anxiety only causes more tension and stress which continues to keep your nerves in ananxious state as well as being "so damn exhausting".

    So what if you did the very opposite, CatP36, and stopped fighting it and accepted it instead. Accept that your going to feel lousy today and just get on with your day with the very minimum of fear. Imagine you are the proverbial rock on the shore and the waves of anxiety come roaring in and crash and splash around you and past you but you remain standing because for all their upset and bluster they cannot really break or harm you. If you stop fighting and let the symptoms of your anxiety come and just accept it then you stop spreading panic through your tired nervous system and give it a chance to recover to normal sensitivity.

    Imagine there's a big muscle in your brain and imagine it relaxing, relaxingand let your whole body go limp when the bad feelings come. Eventually you may chill enough to allow your nerves to settle and you may win the battle because you decided not to keep fighting.

  • My main problem right now is derealization. I am loosing hope. I have been like this for over 6 weeks. It's a terrifying feeling and I fear not to ever get better. I am on medication that is not helping.

  • CatP36, this feeling of derealization will not last for ever. Many, many people on this forum and off it have experienced derealization and it has passed, believe me, and so it will with you. I can well understand how it terrifies you and causes fear, that's the natural reaction, but it is also the reaction that continues to keep your nerves in a sensitive state. Frazzled nerves feed on fear.

    Regardless of your medication you can do much to help yourself, even to help yourself recover. Instead of reacting to the derealization with fear and terror, I say again: do the very opposite and accept the feeling for the time being. Accept it without feeling fear, it is after all produced by a glitch in your nervous system, that's all, it cannot disable you, kill you or send you crazy, it does not have the power to do that.

    You may not know it but you have huge hidden reserves of courage. People with anxiety disorder are the bravest people in the world, not because they don't feel fear but because they go ahead and overcome it.

    CatP36, you have the courage to accept the bad feeling with less and less fear until it no longer bothers you - and then it disappears. That's what will happen to you I promise. Take confidence from the fact that one way or another you are going to recover. So frame your mind towards Acceptance and regain your lost hope.

  • Hi I understand the feeling. I feel zones out all day my legs and arms feel weak. I keep thinking the worst. My vision gets blurry and I feel sooooo dizzy. I just keep thinking it's more than anxiety. Just worried 24/7. Feeling sad and so down:(

  • I feel the same way! The worst is waking up in the morning with anxiety thinking " how am I going to get through three day?" I feel weak, shaky and dizzy the majority of the day as well, I hate it! I just started celexa last night and hoping it will help! I think my brain convinced me I was gonna have side effects because I felt nauseous and shaky all night, but will not give up, I know it takes a good 2-3 weeks for meds to work. I am also on Busphar which helps a little.

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