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Finding it so hard

hi I wish I hadn't resigned my last job even though was ill,I'm finding it incredibly hard to get a new job passing interviews,and explaining and being honest about being sighed off sick for ages and resigning,I feel like ive got no identity and that no one will let me have a job .i went for an interview yesterday,I got invited to a second interview but I cant go I lied about sick days and reason for leaving,:-(ive got a group interview tonight at Asda but I cant go ,because my anxiety's really bad I wont be good in a group.scared I will see someone I know and if I go and don't get it which will be most likely I will feel a whole lot worse:-(

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Imamess, isn't there a chance you could approach your former employer and ask if you could come back, say, on a 3 month probationary period? I say to you: DO GO to that Asda group interview tonight and simply accept your bad feelings which will NOT unduely affect your performance. So many people with anxiety avoid doing things because they don't feel 100%but when they accept that they will have bad feelings and do it any way they are surprised at how little it held them back. And if you see somebody you know so what? Give them a smile and a wave and just continue. You WILL NOT embarrass yourself if you go to that interview at Asda, just remember that you are going to Accept the feelings and continue any way, you can do it, believe me, Imamess. Remember the wise saying: DO WHAT YOU FEAR AND THE DEATH OF FEAR IS ASSURED!


hi Jeff thankyou for replying,I want to but I don't think my formal employer will agree,not after last phone call my dad had with them telling them the job us making me ill,thankyou I just feel terrified the store I right next door to.the preschool,I'm feel acrophobic thankyou jeff

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