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Anxiety worse after baby

Hi I've had extreme health anxiety for years now, I'm 26 and had my first baby last year and since then it's gotten so much worse. I had counselling and took a mindfulness class for post natal depression but it seems to have morphed into some sort of social anxiety as well?? Im terrified that me or my baby or boyfriend will die, I Google my symptoms obsessively and my babies and I panic so much if I'm in a big group of people with him, I don't feel calm until I'm at home alone with him and my partner. Even when I'm with family or at a family party I don't feel safe until I'm in my own home with him. I love him so much I just don't want to pass on my irrational fears to him, I just feel scared constantly that something will happen to him or me when I'm with him. Are these fears normal after a baby? I don't want them to get worse

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I I did feel for you reading your post you took me back a few years well 36 years to be frank after I had my first baby and I felt and was just like you and I would say a lot of new Mums even that don't have anxiety have these irrational fears

But you won't pass them on to your baby , well I never passed them on to mine and I had 3 in all and they are all fine thank goodness but what I would not like to see happen which happened to me was missing out on so much including enjoying what should have been the best years watching my children grow up

I would go and see my Doctor , maybe go on a low strength of meds this would help level the chemicals in our brains that get unbalanced , we still have to work on changing the way we think but it only has to be a short while you take them and they will give you a helping hand till you get to where you need to be :-)

I would try and make myself do things I did not want to and when you have look back and tell yourself nothing bad happened well my anxiety happened maybe but that is because it is trying to keep control of me

Can you talk with your nearest so they can support you while you are out and feeling this way , I know they may not understand but just been there with an arm around our shoulders and a hug now and again can really go a long way and in between you have a Community here that all understand and you can always come and talk with us :-)

Think about going back and seeing your Doctor and let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


I'm so sorry, Kirsty.... you sound like a nice, caring person, and please never give up thinking that you CAN better...because you CAN! :) OK?? OK!

Would it be possible for you to get more therapy?--it sounds like you would really benefit from that... plus, perhaps you could either be Rx'd some meds that might help. Best wishes to you.


Thanks everyone, I felt like everyone thought I was going mad and then I panicked even more that my baby would be taken off me which made me even worse! But I did speak to the doctor and she said it's the anxiety and depression and I'm not going mad which was a relief. Thanks so much for your help and advice 😊


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