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Feeling really sick

Hey everyone, does anyone else feel sick all the time? I dont mean nauseous or butterflies in the stomach, its like a sickness i have never felt before, i have had all the tests that my doctor can do but all comes back clear, i know this is good that they come back clear but i seriously would rather them come back with anything, i dont get scared of something serious because this sick feeling is beyond bad, if this is anxiety then why dont i feel anxious, this feeling just feels so rotten and it doesnt ever go away, no matter what i do, i try to so as much throughout the day as my body will let me but i always end up sitting down or lying down most of the day. I have been seeing my therapist for a couple of months now and that hasnt helped at all. I do weights everyday but that doesnt help at all. I have became very depressed because of this sick feeling. Just hard to believe that anxiety can make someone feel as sick as i do. Can anyone relate to how i feel, i dont really get many other symptoms other then feelin tired everyday, and exhausted all the time. Also my head feels as if it is full or this weird pressure but nothing compares to how sick i feel. Just dont understand how anxiety could make someone feel this bad. Its seriously screwed my life up completely. I was working 6 days a week before this and was always doing something fun and outgoing, now I literally do absolutely nothing because of how sick i feel. Please someone help 😔

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Anxiety has many faces, like a thousand or so, and what you feel many people with anxiety can relate to. This feeling of sickness simply cannot be described. Its awful! It feels like the whole system has gone haywire. The feeling of pressure in your head and other sick feeling is nothing more than bunch of alarms going on at once. In simple terms, you are not sick per sew, however, just your body is telling you something need to be addressed immediately.

Human body is the most complex biological machine o Earth and easily surpasses anything made by man. It has even built in superb healing mechanism. This healing mechanism kicks in when anything goes wrong. Most of the time we don't feel anything at all, however, when something serious happens, we may feel 'shut down' so that the body can take time and resources to heals itself. Imagine what happens when you put your hand into fire. Your body reacts quickly, right? When you eat something bad your body reacts but just a bit slower than previous example, but nonetheless, it reacts. When you get a flu virus, your body reacts. You sweat, you have no appetite, no energy, feel like crap, etc. When there is an action there must be a reaction. Anxiety can be a reaction to what you have been doing (ex. working 6 days a week), what you have been feeding yourself over the years, meds, drugs, thoughts, environment, stress, relationships, expectations, work, school, parents, etc. The list is long. The mind/body is saying enough is enough. Either you change whatever needs to be changed or you will be shut down and your body will operate in the 'let me just park you for a while' mode. The anxiety does not screw up peoples lives. We do. And most of us do it unconsciously. We are masters of screwing ourselves up. If you look at animals, they eat when they hungry, sleep when sleepy. We do many thing opposite.

It may take time but you can help your body/mind heal itself faster. Nobody can do it for you only you can. Take small actions, small steps to feel better. Improve your diet, sleeping habits, working habits, what information you feed your mind. Detoxify your body and mind. Do something for others. Shift away your focus from yourself.

Btw... sometimes hard exercise may worsen your symptoms. This has to do with complex hormonal/nervous system. Perhaps ease your weights for a while.


Anxiety is Brutal, it can take over our lives, if we let it. Are you or have you been under extra stress over the last little while? Sometimes we don't even recognize we are overly stressed, until we really star to think about it.


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