What is wrong with me!!!!!

I have visitors and can't even be around them because I am sent to a panic!!! I start getting this buzzing warm brain feeling that travels to my body and I start feeling unreal. Then if I let it get to full blown I start getting tunnel vision and freaking out. I just don't know how I'm going to get better! It's like my brain and body and on panic mode all day and won't snap out of it! I had to rush to my room to lay down!!! This is terrible. Worse thing that could have happened to me as an adult. Is it that the body is full of anxiety or something? I don't get it!

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  • Hey Cat, could be social anxiety, you get panicy, nervous and uncomfortable around groups of people. If you have anxiety then it can come out in an extreme way when your with groups of people. Could have possibly had a panic attack in front of people which is the worst thing ever. Best to avoid situations like that until you get a better understanding of yourself and your anxiety issues. try and relax, dont over think about what happened. a lot of us have been in that situation. Its not fun! x

  • Thank You! But it's deffinetly not social anxiety. I have been dealing with these never ending panic attacks for 6 weeks now. I am on medication that apparently is not working. My brain is pretty insane right now.

  • how long you been taking the medication for? you might still be adjusting to it taking effect, or maybe its simply not the right medication for you. Many possibilities. Just do your best to calm your brain, youtube guided meditation videos. I know though, sometimes its easier said than done.

  • 33 days on Zoloft. Today I upped my dose to 100mg since the other dosages weren't working.

  • Right. I think it takes about 4 weeks for you to adjust to zoloft to do its thing, and that time isnt really fun. Seeing as youve only started a higher dose today, your body and mind will need time for it to kick in. Theres plenty of info online about zoloft and what to expect when starting it and upping doses. When you are adjusting to antideps, you shouldnt really have much planned, parties ect, because it is a difficuilt time to slowly ease into it taking effect. Youll be okay, its quite normal. Just take it one day at a time and do things that relax you to help you with the transition.

  • So this is normal for someone that's been on it for a month? I started at 25mg, then 50, 75, and now 100... does it still need to adjust?

    Thank You

  • It takes 4 weeks for it to start working the way you want it too. The 4 week mark begins again if you up the dosage. Google 'How long does it take for zoloft to help with anxiety?' Should find out eveything you need to know. You need to stay at one amount of dosage for 4 weeks to know if its working or not. Patience is the key. Its a tricky time.

  • Oh! Ok. I did not know that. The doctor just kept upping every week so now I have to suffer until this 100 gets to 4 weeks... this is horrible

  • It might take half the time because youve already introduced the zoloft into your system so its already gettin used to it. Should have waited 4 weeks from first taking 25mg, to see how it feels. So now that your on 100mg from today, it might take about 2 weeks to feel how you want to feel, if the case is that youve upped the dosage once a week. Everybody is different. Sorry if this is not the info you wanted. Google upping the dosage on zoloft. Youll find more answers there.

  • Thank You!!

  • I was going to ask if your doctor was upping it this much but you answered my question already.

    Did you know they were going to increase it that much each week? I'm no doctor but that seems like a lot. My doc started me on 10mg of Prozac and has no plans to increase it unless after 3 months it isn't working.

    I've been on the same dosage for almost 3 weeks now and I'm STILL adjusting. I can't imagine if she were increasing the dosage by 25mg every week. No wonder you are having so much anxiety and panic!

    Hope you adjust soon!!

  • According to her she says that since she's treating me for panic disorder and anxiety that those other dosages aren't enough. You see I got depressed when I was having non stop panic for days so the low dosages took that depresion right out but didn't do anything for panic so this is why she kept upping it. She's giving it 2 more weeks and if it doesn't help me she will change it.

  • I've been told to allow 6 - 8 weeks for SSRIs to kick in.

  • Its an adrenalin overload. You need to burn it off with exercise. Another weird but effective thing is jogging really fast on the spot and yelling at the top of your lungs arrrrrŕggggggg!!! However with visitors there you might prefer a quieter for of exercise so a silent jog and some mindful breathing might be better this time.

  • I am on Zoloft too. Don't be concerned about the number of your dose compared with other medications as they are all very different. 50-100mg of Zoloft is very normal. I started on 50 and increased to 100mg. My doctor started me on 50 as opposed to 25 as I tend to tolerate meds quite well.

    Give your body time, be kind to yourself over the next few weeks. Exercise can be very helpful in burning off that adrenaline you have surging, like KiwiMama said.

  • Zoloft wasn't enough for me. I still take 100 mg but I'm also on klonopin. I would get that same feeling. The tunnel vision and almost like my legs were tingly and I would be so afraid I might pass out. My therapist recommended an exercise called "four square" and I think it's help more than the meds. I find something square starting at the top left corner and breathe in through my nose for 5 seconds. A little hold/pause and breathe out through my mouth for 6 seconds. I repeat that four times in the top left corner. Then I go to the to top right corner and repeat my breathing then the bottom left and finally the bottom right. That's four in each corner totalling 16. At some point even try to just imagine a square in your mind with eyes closed. I practiced this many times before situations that used to paralyze me. I had suffered for years and the last two spent barely able to leave my house. I felt so depressed being unable to live. Now, I still have moments but I revert to my "four square" breathing and I can get through it. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  • Thank you. Did you get any side effects from Zoloft? I didn't get any major ones. Just imsomia and it doesn't really seem to be working for panic anxiety. Did you really get the same feeling? Every time I try to explain that people look at me weird.

  • It's extreme anxiety and you need to learn relaxation techniques I was working in a job I hated I was so stressed out by it that I couldn't eat or sleep constantly in a state of panic I remember feeling I don't even know how to have friends in my house it was like I didn't know how to sit on a sofa I felt all unreal In the end my husband just put his foot down and said I had to give the job up He rang up and said I wasn't going back That night I slept for over 12hours and as the weeks went by I slowly started to function again All my feelings had come from being overloaded with anxiety

    Is there anything in your life like my job that could cause it ? If not I suggest you look at the relaxation videos on YouTube there are 100s to choose from Dr Claire Weekes books would help you so much

    Your body​ is overloaded with stress and you need to offload it consider yourself ill at the moment just as you would with anything else and then take one day at a time unwinding and releasing all the stress from your body Walk or run every day if you can eat well

    I'm sorry I can't help with the tablets you are taking

    I really feel for you as I remember how horrible I felt but it will go if you can accept not fight and relax

    Take care

  • Thank You for your comment. I am going to check the YouTube videos. I honestly don't know how this is happening to me. I was happy go lucky 6 weeks ago and this hit me out of nowhere. I seem to be having a hell of a lot of anxiety and panic since it happened. Stressed out over whatever is happening in my brain and body. I lost weight and I have no appetite and all day long my brain won't shut up. Obsessing and thinking about this unreal feeling and panic attacks and what is normal and how am I going to be back to normal. I am mentally exhausted.

  • At the moment the feelings will overwhelm you you will tune into them all your waking hours If you think of it as a physical illness or broken leg etc that will start the healing process as if you had that you would just think it's bad now so I must take good care of myself to let it heal Slowly day by day you will start having minutes when you aren't tuned into your horrible feelings then that will turn into hours

    I've been​ there so I know exactly what it like

    Please please get a Dr Claire Weekes book Self Help For Your Nerves is fantastic they are on Amazon and definitely do a relaxation video at least once a day At first your mind will race but it will get better

    Don't fight against these feelings if you had an asthma attack you wouldn't fight you would relax as much as you can to get a breath

    I know it's really really horrible at the moment but you can and will get better

    Remember loads and loads of people have it

    If you need a chat I'm here

    Just give up that fight as that is feeding your fear

    Don't worry about your appetite eat just what you fancy and drink lots of water Good luck

  • Thank You. I feel awful everyday for about 6 weeks now. 24/7. Sometimes I lose hope. Do I just search relaxation videos on YouTube?


  • I know it's awful but not worth giving up as all it is that is causing it is a rush of adrenaline through your body and you becoming frightened of it as it makes you feel so rotten

    Yes just type Relaxation videos You Tube and a lovely Aladdin's Cave will open up for you I love the Micheal Sealey ones

    Also type in Doctor Explains Panic Attacks on You Tube that's a good one and you might get comfort from that

    Dr Claire Weekes on there too

    This is the beginning of getting better now

    Good luck nice deep breaths and drift away 😉

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