so depessed and confused

Its just so hard to go thru this every the continued dreadful dying feeling in my body and worried about my health and other stuff it just wanna make me depressed and lonely i wanna know what happy is but with all this going on i just don't know what it is anymore its very overwhelming but i keep telling myself im 16 im young and healthy nothing wrong with me but its hard..


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  • Hi what makes you worry about your health? Anything in particular

    I've worried about my health so much over the years. I was probably about the same age as you, have you spoke to a gp and your parents about how your feeling?

  • Hey, regarding what your currently anxious about, I can tell you now that I've been through the exact same thing (i'm also near your age), you can see my posts to prove that. I say it in past tense because I gradually got control of my anxiety. But it wasn't easy. You see, your thoughts can be a dark place sometimes, and you're currently in that dark place, just like I was. I was worried about constant things, all based on fear and the 'what ifs'. Things ranging from health issues, always being alone and dying. But it's the fear you're feeding your anxiety that makes it worse. It makes you more unhappy. You need time to find yourself, to try different things that will help you slow this constant fear down. It took me a while, but I found it. I realised how irrational my thoughts were and I relaxed myself. I surrounded myself with supportive people, i distracted myself from my thoughts until they slowed down enough for me to catch up and breathe. Please don't think that you will always feel like this, you won’t. You just need to act on it. I understand when you say you're young + healthy but it's hard to believe, but know that you eventually will believe it. I can tell you now that you are healthy and have a whole life to live, you cant be worried about the 'what ifs,' just stick in the present time. Everything is just in your head (mental health). Feel free to message me if you ever need help.

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