Is this normal???

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Like I mentioned before in my other post, I been on Zoloft for 4 weeks and 12 days of that I have been on 75mg. Every day I wake up at 3am with massive anxiety. I am talking about body vibrations and all. I keep on fighting off panic attacks and can't go back to sleep. This has been happening for 4 weeks now. I'm starting to think Zoloft needs to be increased or changed.


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  • This seems to be a rather high dose so early. I was told to get to 50mg over a couple of weeks but it took 2 months to.get to 50mg as my body hated it - shakes, anxiety, never ending panic - i went back to pharmacist who said i had titrated too fast. It does work eventually but as you would have read, the side effects can be worse than the anxiety itself. I will not.go on any anxiety pills again after reading a book by Dr Kelly Brogan - a new york psychiatrist "A Mind of Your Own". Xanax or valium can help the initial panic but we need to look at what our bodies are being subjected to - stress, sleep deprivation, terrible diet, and especially women who are at the mercy of a cocktail of fluctuating hormones that play havoc with our minds at different times during our cycles. We are also depleted in many vitamins and minerals so perhaps look at supplementing with magnesium citrate or glycinate, vitamins b12 and b6, vitamin d (supplement or sunshine), a probiotic and then investigate eliminating gluten, sugar and dairy for 30 days. Exercise is a great calming activity - i walk 30 minutes every morning - i leave the house feeling tired and reluctant and always come back a bit more postive. You don't have to want or like doing it but you will notice a difference. I also take my phone and listen to audio from claire weekes and from Barry McDonagh who wrote the DARE response. Good luck

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