So I've been going to bed around 11pm and wake up at 2am then 5am and then 8am.. But when I wake up my heart is racing and then I get lightheaded and almost a dizzy feeling.. I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and that's the part that scares me to death! Dealing with anxiety while carrying an unborn :( I've battled all these symptoms for 8 months now and it seems like more and more it gets worse.. Could this be because of me carrying a baby?... I don't know if there's someone that deals with this also or not, minus the pregnant part. Heart racing, not sleeping that great, wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. Vision seems worse then before also, I feel detached from the world around me. Almost like living in a twilight life. I have a doctors appt on the 5th of April and I'm going to bring this all up.. I'm staying away from doctor Google because that would make everything worse for me, because they show the worse!! :0 please is there anyone else that feels like this?! :(


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  • Its just anxiety. Tell it to piss off.

    Create a calm space to sleep.

    Take a warm bath with candles and essential oils like lavendar :)

    Drink calming tea.

    Sing a song to your baby.


  • Thank you so much!

  • So before bed take a bath to calm yourself.

    Get in bed with a good book and rest your thoughts.

    It might be getting worse because you are worrying about it too much.

    Just gotta take it down a notch.

    Write down your worries, it helps to get it out of your brain.

  • and your pregnancy affect you heart and body as the changes develop.

  • Also, make sure ur bedroom isnt all sealed up and locked down. have a window slightly open to keep a flow of fresh air breezing through, that will help with the sweating

  • You are going through changes in your body just don't look it to things embrace you are pregnant focus on new baby arriving and a new chapter in your life you will be fine

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