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Need to chat to someone please

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My anxiety is ruthless I can't deal with this any more I getting a pain in my left side of chest by my boob and its sharp and now my mind is thinking it's to do with my heart I hate this amazingly is ruining me 😢Doctor wants me to starte anxiety tablets but am that scared to take anything x

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I have had and still have very similar symptoms as you are having. Heart palpitations, chest pain, racing heart rate, arm pain, sweating, lightheaded, and sick to my stomach. First thing is to be seen by your pcp and rule out anything physical. If they want to start you on anxiety medicine it seems like you have already taken that step. You have what is called 'health anxiety' I have it, and it always deals with my heart. I've had ecg's, troponin test, complete blood work, and physicals. They all say I'm fine and healthy. But some days no matter what I feel like there is something terribly wrong. Medicine very well may help and so will therapy/counseling. However if you ever want to talk I'm very active on these forums and would be more than happy to chat with you!

Thankyou yes I have had a few test done and had a ecg last week to but it's destroying me I feel like when I go the doctors now they don't believe what I say when it's so real they just say well we done tests it fine am so scared it's to do with heart I can't cope Thankyou for replying

We need to trust our doctors, I know at times it can be really hard to do. However they are experts and if the tests come back normal then obviously we are fine! It's just really hard for us who worry and panic to accept what they have to say. I'm in the same boat and I was given a clean bill of health by an ER doctor and my pcp 5 months ago. Yet I still worry at times it is something more, even though rationally I shouldn't think this.

I know thankyou x

I didn't know there was a "health" anxiety disorder. That makes perfect sense. I don't worry about anything other than my heart most of the time.

Yes, health anxiety and hypochondria go close with one another. But health anxiety most certainly exists unfortunately. Usually it is a broad spectrum of when you feel a certain "ailment" you automatically think its the end. I have headaches all the time, and other random aches and pains but never think anything of it. But if I get heart palpitation, or rapid heart beat I almost always think the worse at the beginning of this going on. Weird how our minds and body works!

It's sure is scarey and thankyou x

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That all I worry about and other illness it's scarey at times x

Those,are all symptoms of anxiety trust me your not alone is just saying ok here comes another one and letting it go don't give it more power by truly focusing on it like that little by little they won't play with your mind and it will be easier to remove the panick attack.

Thankyou xx

Hi Saz, Same with me. I spent a lot of time thinking I was having a heart attack. Even ended up in the ER. Went for all the tests, monitor and everything. Clean bill of health. I ended up going on Lexapro last January. Don't be afraid of meds. You don't have to stay on them forever, but they can be a life saver. I have my life back due to a good therapist and Lexapro. I was afraid to take any medication - anxiety. I asked my doctor if there were any side effects I should look for. I can't read the literature that comes with the meds 'cause I will never take them! Good luck. Be hopeful.

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Thankyou so much xx

Hey, I was worried about starting meds but it's almost been 3 weeks and I already feel better in myself, I got a couple side effects but just the normal so I've found out :), I tried getting along with out meds but my mind kept running away with it's self, weird thing is to me I had loads wrong with me but I'm still here :) lol, start on a low dose like I did :)

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Good for you Nathsam, you've got the right attitude. We all need to reach out for some extra help at times, it's not forever. Continued success.

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Thankyou so much it's just so scarey at times X

Dont be scared hun. I feel the same i always worry about every little thing i feel. Im going go start new meds tomorrow.

Hi saz,

Ok so anxiety causes pain . Our mind tells our body we are in danger so our body gets to protect it's self by over working to tell our brain everything is working just fine .. and we think the worst because anxiety gives us such a andrelin rush that our body's don't know how to handle it .. relax as much as you can breath threw the anxiety slow deep breaths . Think of good things , go for walk .. I took anxiety meds before they are ok they relax you . I usually just kept them with me as a safety net Incase I needed one cause just knowing that I had them was good enough for me .. I think it's a mind thing . They just calm you down is all. You can read more about anxiety on my page if you want . Take care hope this helped .

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Saz12345 in reply to Leelaa

Thankyou I will read on your page x

I hate this for you. I hate to try and push meds on anyone, but they really helped me. I also have what feels like skipped or extra heartbeats, chest pains, and sometimes weakness, and pain in my jaw, neck and back. But I have had so many tests run by cardiologists and other doctors, and everything comes back normal. It helps to know what is going on and that's why it makes it incredibly hard to talk yourself down. I can tell you some relaxation techniques that work for me. Like sipping water. And counting backwards from 100 (sounds goofy,but it will get your mind off of it)... The cardiologist told me to bare down (like I was taking a poop lol) to slow my heart rythym. And my lpc gave me an exercise to do in my head: Imagine you are standing in front of a chalk board, and pick up your chalk. Now start making a list of all of the things that are making you worry. Once you have your list, go back and erase them one at a time, and imagine those things completely disappearing from your life. 🤗🤗🤗 I hope and pray that you can find peace soon.

I have been through the same symptoms, they thought I was having a heart attack but it was my ptsd and anxiety. It was so painful trust your doctor's and at least give it a try. It's help me out

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