Anxiety social anxiety panic attacks and depression. Its happening smh

Anxiety social anxiety panic attacks and depression. Its happening smh

When i was a teenager i suffred from depression and anxiety but it was not too bad. Last week i was stuck in traffic and was just thinki g about anxiety and became very anxious and caught a panic attack. I took a week off of work saw a therapist still waiting to see a phycharotrist. Sometimes i feel like i am going crazy but nothing happens. Rigjt now i am even scared to go to the store tbis really sucks i just started taking lexapro i am on my second day but i know it is too early to tell if it would work i am also on xanax 0.5mg which dont help much lexapro 10 mg so hopefully with both it will work sooner or a later i need to het back to work before i run out of days if i havent yet. It sucks but still trying to be 💪 God Bless


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  • Hi June1515, It doesn't surprise me that an anxious thought while being stuck in traffic brought on a panic attack. The thing we hate most is not being in control as well as trapped in a situation. It must have hit you hard in that it has made you afraid to even go to the store. I'm sure realistically you know it may not happen again for a long time if ever. But the "what if" will keep it alive in your mind if you give in to being afraid. Hopefully the Lexapro and Xanax will help you through this bump in the road but it will take some effort on your part as well. While you are on medication, it is a good idea to keep the therapy so that you can get down to the reasons why anxiety chose to appear again. You are not going crazy and you are not alone. You've chosen a wonderful support system with this forum and we welcome you here. One step at a time, keep positive, keep strong and keep moving forward.

  • Thank you so much that means alot to me. Just another hard road in my life that i have to overcome

  • I'm on similar medicines, 20mg of lexapro and 0.5 klonopin. Was just prescribed klonopin in November due to a hellacious set back that ended up with me in the ER. Good luck and just remember you've been through this before, you can get through it again. I'm still struggling and my setback was 5 months ago.

  • Thanks buddy but this time is harder idk if its the lexapro but i am here laying im bed light headed head feeling a little weird. Good luck to you too bro God bless but has it been months off and on?

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