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can anxiety give you all kinds of "symptoms"

I've had general anxiety for years, but over the past two months my anxiety has been daily, with crying, and panic attacks, it's really gotten bad. I think there is something wrong with me, and I'll go to the er over and over and have them run test only to find nothing. If you're worried about something, can your body truly manifest the symptoms? and is almost constant nausea caused by my anxiety, because I feel it even when I'm not feeling anxious? this is really hard because idk if I should keep pushing that there is something wrong, or accept that this may be truly all in my mind. ):

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ccmm551, Yes, if you are worried about something, anxiety can manifest into physical symptoms. (the mind/body connection) The ER can rule out anything life threatening, however with your constant nausea, that should be addressed by your family doctor or a therapist. Something in the past 2 months has caused your anxiety to rise along with crying jags and panic attacks. Something seems to have happened or is weighing heavy on your mind to cause the symptoms to get worse. Only a professional can get to the root of these problems. Accepting is okay but first make sure there is no underlying cause (psychological or physical) My best. x


If you can get a full physical, get one but honestly from my experience anxiety can cause all sorts of aches and pains. It will make you feel like something is wrong when it's not.

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Hey buddy what you just described is almost exactly what i went tjrougj in the past and now i am going through it again a little worst. Havemt seen a psychiatrist yet but thats what my primary doctor sugguest i do . in the meantime i am on lexapro second day on it so still cant tell if its Right for me its too early but i am gping through a deep depresson because of my panic attacks and severe social anxiety i dont want to do anything. But i suggest you try a phycharotrist.


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