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Fighting my self

I was wondering if anyone else has been in my situation my anxiety is been bad lately my head is saying i don't want to be here but i know i do it's like I'm fighting my self all the time but I'm scared my anxiety will win one day and i don't know what to do i am on waiting list to see a phycologist it's hard to get in my GP i have been given new meds but scared to take them in case I'm worse in them before they work for me which will be a living night mare for 6_8 weeks for everyone not just me as my head is saying don't take them in case your suicidal before they work as that's how my head thinks all time any advice would be great as I'm in a bad way at moment

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I've never been in that particular situation but I wish you well and if you can reach out to your Dr's . office, I think you should try that before taking the pills if you're having doubts.


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