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Health anxiety after a medical issue

Does anybody else have a really bad flare up of health anxiety when you have just been ill with something? Ive just had an awful 2 weeks with quite a bad infection in my neck, 2 weeks of antibiotics and mini op's have left me pretty much traumatized for the time being (major fear of medication!). Im having anxiety attacks incase it becomes infected again and ill have to go through the whole process again or even worse if something more horrible might happen like it turning septic and becomes life threatening because i keep feeling pain but i dont know if im putting it on or not with anxiety. That then goes on to worrying about anything and everything else that could happen in the future and it being a more serious medical issue. The worry of illness small or big just makes me depressed as its pretty inevitable for another illness of some kind to crop up again sometime...

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Yes the anxiety monster will attack more when u are down Try to read or write in a journal about all that is good What you are grateful for & enjoy in life If you can only write or say to yourself I'm grateful for My last heartbeat Do that & Try this::

Think on something happy Did you feel happy again or smile??

Now think on something sad Did you feel sad again

Now think on a time you felt physical pain Did you feel that pain again?? No

Our minds never lets us remember the pain!!! They are amazing like that We can think on good or sad things in our past but physical pain is forgotten Physical pain may be there but it does not have to control you We will all make it through this


I suffer terribly with health anxiety mine was triggered with the sad passing of my mum.its horrible to live with thinking the worst all the time but we can't help it can we


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