Anxiety and OCD since childhood...mostly health related

Anxiety and OCD since childhood...mostly health related

Hi all! I am having a horrible bought with my OCD, Anxiety, and a little depression because I am having heart attack worries ...yet again. This time it is lingering way too long. I feel like I am okay and should listen to the drs and the tons of tests....but until they give me that one test...a heart cath (which can be dangerous) I seem to always worry....mainly after chest pains. I despise them. I have gone back and forth with these issues, as well as others since I was a small child. I just get so tired sometimes. I love life sooooooo much. I wish we had a local support group where I live but we don't. Maybe that would help. I've been meaning to start one, but just started a new job so I haven't been working on it as much. I get travel anxiety when I have to ride with others...which I'm having to do right now. It has been hell. I thought it may help me but it's been really really hard. Thank all of you for telling your stories. I don't want anyone to suffer...but I feel almost like we are a village or a Family here to help each other. Peace and God Bless....Jenny


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  • Welcome aboard Jenny! And such a cute puppy! I myself have been dealing with health anxiety since this past Halloween. Long story short I was taken to the hospital because I thought there was something severely wrong with me, concerning my heart. Had 2 ecg's, complete blood work, troponin test, and multiple doctors listen to my heart. Next day followed up with my PCP and psychiatrist. I still have some feelings that led me to the hospital that night, however I have tried my best to accept them as anxiety. Doctors do know best when it comes to physical ailments. Anxiety and wreck havoc on our bodies and give a myriad of symptoms and pains. I read on her about people having chest x rays, holter monitors, and etc. And all their test come back fine yet they still worry about impending doom. I wasn't ever referred to a cardiologist or chest X-rays or monitors or stress tests. Maybe it's bc I have been having yearly physicals for my whole life and I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic in 07. I know it's hard to trust doctors when you keep experiencing these symptoms. But how long have you had them? Has anything severe happened from any of your symptoms before? If not which is likely you need to accept what you are feeling. Get into some therapy if not so already, possibly medication as well. Any questions you may have please feel free to ask. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  • I try my best to accept them also. My brother passed away Jan 30th, I am newly divorced, have a new job, and I think all that piling on makes it bit harder sometimes. But i'm keeping the faith and working on it! I have a few electrical issues with my heart, so sometimes that makes it worse too. But yes, I am trying to go with what the Drs say and just joined this site today. I just wish we had a support group near by. thank you for your response and I hope you feel better soon also!!!!

  • Hearing about your brother and then recently divorced and a new job are all HUGE stressors. Probably some of the biggest stressors that can impact us anxious people. Im sorry to hear about your brother, are you in any kind of therapy? Any medications? I to wish there was a support group near me. I'm sure there is and I just haven't looked hard enough.

  • Oh yeah....That's my JUNE DOGGY!!! She makes me feel really good!

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