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Waking up with racing heart while sleeping at night

My doctor did all kinda of heart tests on me and did not find nothing wrong with my he put me on this acid reflux pill cause omeprazole 40 gm capsule and it really do help with my racing heart at nights while sleeping....i been on it for like 2 months now ...this med making me gaining weight and hungry like crazy i stay tired making me depress i didnt take the pill last night and heart stating racing again while sleeping so i jumped up and took the pills took awhile before it began to work finely went to sleep ....whats is wrong with me what kinda acid reflux i got this stressed me out even more some one please talk to me tell me something seen like my life over ...I'm 42 female good health....please help me

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Good Morning karyaw! First of all, take a deep breathe...nothing is wrong with you. Your doctor said that your heart is fine. Acid Reflux can cause heart palps. Anxiety is the culprit. When anxious we produce more acids in our stomach. All the major organs are close in proximity. Sometimes not being able to tell where the problem is coming from. When nervous, we swallow a lot of air, the air bubbles cause pressure on the heart making it feel like it is going into palps. In your case, the nerves are so sensitized that acid reflux scares you, putting more adrenaline into your body and causing the racing heart. The fact that the Omeprazole is working for you proves that the reflux is causing you to feel uncomfortable physically but it's your mind that is sending out a red flag causing the racing. Try some relaxation and deep breathing this morning. Wishing you a good day ahead.


Thank you for explaining about acid reflux anc heart palpitations. Maybe that's what's wrong with me and it's some area of mg stomach that's vibrating anc not mh chest area. Everything definitely is connected .


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