Spit blood

Has anyone else had experiences spitting up tiny amounts of blood caused by stress ? I mean like barely traceable amounts (your spit is at most light pink) but you can taste blood? This week has been rough and has been happening to me recently, but really only after I physically exert myself (but like a single yoga pose will do it). I read that stress can cause stomach acid to build up which could potentially cause ulcers in the stomach or throat--though there's no evidence that suggests a direct link between the two, but it's still freaking me out. I've also been exercising more frequently and thinking maybe I just over exerted myself or something, but would like to hear your comments / experiences .



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4 Replies

  • Post nasal drip......sinus infection/allergies? Had it myself last Spring. Hope someone else will come along with more advice.

  • Andrew, I'm not aware that traces of blood in your saliva is a symptom of anxiety. I had this problem years ago and went racing off the A&E thinking it might be lung cancer but an x-ray showed it wasn't that. It turned out to be bleeding from my gums and I stronly suspect that this might be your problem. See if you can discover if it's bleeding gums, get a white handkerchief or tissue and dab it round your gums to see if you can find where the bleeding is coming from.

    If it's not bleeding gums then it might be some tiny blood vessel elsewhere has ruptured but you should most definitely see your doctor just to be sure it's nothing else and obtain reassurance.

    If it's bleeding gums then spend more time cleaning your teeth properly and use floss every day to clean between your teeth.

  • Yea I am going to the g.I tomorrow for the same thing that's gotten a lot worse. Like I haven't been able to eat solid foods in3 weeks my throat hurts all the time now

  • I'm also spitting blood in the mornings and not sure if stress can cause it (I was hoping it could) Been waking every morning for the last 17 months feeling horrendous with mouth tasting horrible and now think it probably has been blood causing the taste. I also thought I had a stomach ulcer but recently had a gastroscopy which came back clear.

    I also get the red patches on neck (read your other post)

    Think I'll make an appointment with doc in the morning.

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