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So my situation that I'm very stuck in is my math, I've always had trouble with math take me hours to figure it out on my own and I went through with a academic math 76% last year which is good considering I did it all on my own. My problem is this year my anxiety through the roof and getting those couple hours on my own trying to figure it out, I can never stay focused(always been my problem) and I finally kind of feel I wouldn't mind some help from a tutor but I have SUCH I can't even describe to you anxiety about having a tutor, it's always bugged me the one on one with a stranger. Having to meet them for the first time, they see me and how I work and I'm not sure if they can work with me and all these things keep going through and I have such fear of having this person but I really do need the math help I just don't know what to do at this point. I've been covered in homework for the last 48 hours doing non stop things needing a lot of brain power and concentration, and like I said before it's hard to focus and I can't get a lot done erggg so frustrating so that's why I was considering a tutor. Help I'm SOO afraid to have to meet this person I don't like one on one and I'm terrified help


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