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Good weekend

Hope you are all going good and managed to have a relatively anxiety free weekend. I had a good day yesterday once the morning but was over. Took my husband s head off because right now I'm suffering Costco so ribs are sore I mentioned this to him and seemed like he didn't care. I don't how not thinking about pain will make it go away if the pain is there. Also now because I have health anxiety I'm a little scared when I'm in pain or if ill people won't believe me they will just think it's me making a big deal because I'm anxious. Anyways moans over just felt a little concerned lol. Xx

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Hi Jemma1987, I understand the pain from Costochronditis. I have dealt with it on and off for years. I use heat pak on my upper back which helps the chest wall muscles to relax. When the muscles are relaxed the irritated nerve endings between the ribs will calm down. If your doctor allows you to take an OTC pain reliever, that will help as well. You can't breathe it away, it is what it is at this time. However, breathing and relaxing will help you cope with the pain better and not further tighten your muscles. Try to let people not caring make you feel alone. We are here and we care. x


its awful it seems to be all over and i know anxiety wont be helping it either. Im going try and rest and calm down as really upset with the pain. I know if it would go my anxiety would calm but guess i just have to wait amd work on the anxiety. Thank you. X


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