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Bloated Constantly and Stomach Pains Getting Worried

I've been really bloated and had bad stomach pains for a week now and I'm starting to get worried! My mum does suffer with IBS so I don't know if I may have it also, however I've never known bloating to last this long! It's so uncomfortable and I feel so disgusting, my stomach is constantly hurting and I don't want to eat cause I'll get more bloated! Just want to get back to normal, if anyone's had this before or has advice please help 😬☹️

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I am for the past 2 months. Anxiety causes it. Also I was a binge drinker so it's also a cause. Drinker causes ulcers with no alcohol numbing them they start the healing process and it's when you have stomach upsets. Anxiety in other hand has your whole body malfunctioning, so much stress is put into your organs that they act weird , like people get so many symptoms and it causes us more panics.


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