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Eye freckle /choroidal nevus

I may have asked this question before but none the less I'm having extremel anxiety over this. I went for a routine eye exam and the doc said I have an eye freckle inside the back of my eye, it could turn into melanoma but rarely does that happen so I shouldn't worry but I can't help it..I feel like I have a time bomb in my eye . I'm wondering if anyone on this sight has one of these , they say they are common but I need someone to share their experiences or any knowledge on these ... help with my crazy mind!

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I have birth marks on my retina and have since birth, I'm now 49 and nothing. Relax and wear UV sunglasses if you're that bothered.


Hi there, I had a routine eye check up last summer and the optician spotted a freckle like thing at the back of me eye - they did a hospital referral, after examining my eye they said it was nothing to worry about and its something I was most likely born with - my 6 month follow up was last month and there was no change. Try not to worry as both the optician and hospital both told me they are very common! I hope this will at least give you some comfort x


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