How mantel health changes u

How mantel health changes u

This was me back in 2013 before my anxiety got the way it got I was happy love doing my makeup and hair love cleaning my home and loved going out to the park with my daughter loved dressing nice and so on but 2014 got bad depression and 2016 the worst year yet with anxiety and depression its funny how it can change you and destroy everything u were working to worth's for looking back at happy memory's kill me as I know how happy I was and my life was going right now I lost everything my kids are in care don't know if I will ever get them back I had to give up on my home now live with my bf at he's mums house we are going backwards now everything I worked for is gone I hate how my life is all because of anxiety and depression and how bad it took over iam only 23 don't bloody feels like it 😒😒😒😒 people don't see how bad my mental health really was and why I leted things get so bad its not easy putting this here I let my self go and my home became a big mess it kills me as this is not who I really am 😒😒😒 I just wish other know that well they do but chose to bring up only the bad times making me look like am a bad mum or something so much for new year new start this is why I don't want to be here any More if u seen my other post u know what iam talking about don't worry I only feel like killing my self I don't have the guts to do it trust me its just a feeling as everything is going so bad in my life sorry this is long I just need to open up about this as its killing me on the inside 😒😒


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  • glitterangel, you are beautiful. You were happy and it shows. Happiness comes from within but shows in your eyes. Keep that picture where you can look at it from time to time. That person is still there buried deep inside you because of all your heartache. Hopefully time will allow it to change. You will be a stronger person for that. With strength you will blossom once again to who you were. Don't ever give up. x

  • Thank you so Much

  • Ah.... I remember 2 months back before all mine started and seems a year away to when I was feeling a little normal :( we can get there again :)

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