Yeah, I obsess over if I have heart disease or not. I'm a 27 yr old woman. I've been to multiple ERs for difference of opinions, eacj saying my test are normal and im healthy. Only tests ive had were ECG, Blood, Chest X Ray. They Said Its Unlikely Id Have Heart Considering How Healthy My Rests Were Through The Tests Given .. Had A Follow Up, They Then Told Me After Reviewing My Results They Believe I Have Anxiety ... Im Currently Uninsured So I Havent Been Able To Schedule An Appt With A PCP & Ask For More Tests To Be Completely Sure ... Do I just need to chill ? Be honest, I mean I do get chest pains, sleep apnea, shortness of breath, dizzy, nauseous, nd tingle in my feet (no swelling) so thats why im skeptic .. but they said im healthy ... should I jus stop obsessing over this ?


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5 Replies

  • I would try to relax and accept what the doctors have told you 🙂

    Anxiety is a very hard thing to deal with, especially when you feel sensations in your heart etc... but if your scans and test have come back fine and the doctors have told you that it's anxiety.. trust them X take care

  • Ive had multiple doctors tell me the same &cant wrap my head around it .. especially with all mighty google at my fingertips telling me misdiagnosis' nd death around the corner. I feel like maybe if I jus got a brutally honest opinion from a fellow anxiety patient telling me basically ... chill biish .. id feel better or jus stop with the shit.

  • lol I was feeling the EXACT way you are. I'm 26.. I was bouncing around from hospital to hospital wasting my money on expensive ER visits just for them to tell me the exact thing the other guys have told me.

    I kept questioning doctors as if I knew more than all of them...googling at night thinking "yep I must have that and no one has caught it yet" it sucked really really bad. I started seeing a counselor and working really hard on accepting my symptoms. I've felt so much better lately.

    So yeah try to chill 🙂😉 Pull up some you tube videos for anxiety/relaxation.. try doing that and accepting your anxiety as it comes.. you'll get through this and come out stronger than you've ever felt

  • Ughh, this anxiety shit is THE WORST. I've damn near lost my mind dealing with this lol. But thankyu for responding, I talk to my friends but they jus tell me I need to admit myself because they dont understand the strength of anxiety. Which is why I came to this website. Its easier discussing this with people who understand it better or have even been in the same boat.

  • Oh no you definitely don't need to admit yourself! Your just going through a rough time, but you'll get through it 🙂 And your welcome, your right it's a lot easier talking to people who have been there!

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