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So hey guys I haven't posted in a while I've been busy I'm trying to accept more things about my mental illnesses, I'm still on medication and will be for a good bit, I still have my bad days like everyone it's been going on for a year know, it's draining and makes my stomach below my chest its very unsettling and sore like a sicky feeling, keep gagging when my foods trying to digestive, and yes as you's all can see on my profile, it all came with this lump in my throat it's still here, but when it's here all I think about is death I know it's silly but I suppose I'm scared!!, I'm trying to hold it so much together but I can't, I've such an amazing family and boyfriend and friends, I just don't want to think about death and then leave them😔I sound crazy but I hope maybe someone could give me advice🙂


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3 Replies

  • More often than not, anxiety makes itself felt most in the stomach. That lump in your throat, Shiann123, it's called Globus Hystericus, a less common symptom of anxiety, I had it 20 years ago and went for some barium meal followed by a kind of x-ray and then the usual result of 'can't find anything wrong.' That set my mind at rest and 2 months later I thought 'What happened to the lump in my throat?' and of course it was long gone because it was a long time absent from my thoughts.

    Your preoccupation with death is a common complaint on this forum, you see when our nerves are hyper they tend to exaggerate everything many times over. A cough suddenly must be cancer, a sore chest must mean impending heart failure, floaters in the field of vision is surely the beginning of blindness? In your case the normal aversion to dying becomes magnified by over sensitive nerves to a preoccupation with death.

    I see from the first line of your posting that you understand the power of simple acceptance to bring about recovery and knowing that you have everything you need to rebuild a happy life.

  • Ive been the swollowing test to it showed ruflux disease, this lump is taking over me, and I'm scared, I'm not the type to be all sentive but when it comes to this it's very scary I always think with the lump I feel that it will shut my airways, all I contally feel when I burp is food coming up? Tbh everything scared me, I find it so hard to cope with that's the truth, and sometimes is there even any point as I think I'm dying, the only reason I remain strong and take medcation is for my family, I want my brother to remember his sister that use to be full of joy bounce about...not like this I put a mask on everytime know and tbh I think he notices, I'm fed up it's annoying and never leaves me alone😭

  • Shiann123, are you sure it's reflux or is that something they suggest because they can find no other physical cause? It sounds very much like globus hystericus to me, someone else on this forum mentioned it recently, if it was reflux I would have thought they could control that quite easily with omeprazol or similar. I only ask the question.

    Your mention of acceptance made me wonder if you had read the fanous book on overcoming anxiety disorder through Acceptance by Dr Claire Weekes titled 'Self help with your nerves'? If not then like hundreds of thousands before youvin the past 40 years I believe it would benefit you greatly, life changing in fact. It's available on Amazon as new, used or a kindle download. It explains how anxiety disorder is caused by over sensitisation of the nervous system - and how everybody with that condition can effect a cure regardless of how long they have been suffering from it,

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