Anxious about my blood pressure

So im 25 years old and ever since i had my baby my blood pressure was a little bit up i think that's when i started having bad anxiety and thinking the worst, i cant even take my blood pressure without my heart pounding and hands shaking and sweaty :( im so tired of feeling like this, im on meds btw but i cant stop being anxious about my blood pressure. Has anyone else been through this?


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3 Replies

  • Me. It all started when I was pregnant. They started making a big deal out of my blood pressure and making me think something was wrong and now I can't even go get it checked without it being high and my heart racing. I guess I developed white coat syndrome bc I am able to check it at home while I'm relaxed and it's fine.

  • Omg we are on the same boat. I can't even check it bc since im anxious about it, its a little high sometimes i hate it

  • I am debating on getting on medicine bc I feel like I need something for my anxiety I just don't want to end up worse than I am already. What medicine are you on?

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