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Every day seems like a battle with myself. Like if today is going to be a good or bad day? N praying to god or someone that I'll just be okay. When I say it out loud it's seems silly but feeling is something completely different. Sometimes I think I should go check myself in mental hospital to see what's going on inside my head. But I can say I've been having better days , can't tell if it's me or the meds. I'm only 24 n I know , I should be doing more with myself than having to worry soo much. n going inn and out of the ER because I'm having a stupid panic attack. I hate the fact that I'm on medication because I do worry what will happen in the long run. But at the same time I just wanna enjoy my life like used too.

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I understand, what medication are you taking? Maybe you need to have your dose upped.

We all feel like that at some point in our life When dealing with anxiety it's a rough rd and I have had some really good days so I feel like my episodes coming to an end . But then I have a bad day not as bad as they was in the beginning but still a bad day and I get so down feeling like this is never going to end

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