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Once and for all

Hello my names brandon im 17 years old and hoping this is the last time i ever have to worry about anything. As of now my main concern is getting a brain tumor. I have been getting headaches all week in the back right side of my head thats sometimes moves some where else. My right eye twitches sometimes. I feel tired but not that tired. I get shaky sometimes. I get brain fog alot. And pains in my body and it really has scared me. Keep in mind my sleep scheadule has been horrible the past 4 days sleeping at 9 am.. crazy right.? Along with staring at my phone 24/7. In the dark. I have went to a new doctor who has been very helpful. And understanding and told me that if i had and problems or concerns i can call him. Well after that he decided to run a blood work on me for other scare reasons and told me im healthy as i can be. My blood results showed everything perfectly normal in range not one thing off. So today i asked about headaches and told him about my sleep and all of that. He told me the headaches can be from being in the dark and staring at my phone for hours. I also am supposed to wear glasses but have not in years. I plan on going to an eye doctor soon. Over all my doctor told me he sees no reasons at all for a cat scan or anything like that. And feels that its just wasting money on something so little. So this is why im here do u guys think its something serious i know ur not doctors but giving me an answer or u opinion can help and maybe put my mind at rest for good. Symptoms i get are headaches like i mentioned that come on and off. Eye twitch. Shakiness from assuming lack of sleep or sleep deprived. Back pains. And my left arm sometimes get numb. Also get tiny dizzy spells but nothing crazy. And feeling a bit weak but no im not because when i work out i lift the same weights with out any problems. I also do work out heavy everyday. Thanks for reading this all and understanding me. I come here so i dont need to go to the doctors for something that can be so little.

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Hello, I'm Mia! I'm also a teenager and experiencing the same fear as you for the past 3 months now. If you saw my posts on brain tumours you'd think I was insane! But i can definitely relate to you and your situation. I've been getting head aches and pains too, and for a while now. I'm not certain if it's due to my anxiety or not, but I worry sick about it daily. It's a constant fear that I overthink about every day. Fed up with it!! but I'm glad you took yourself to the doctor. He is a professional and if he is confident you are okay, so should you! Try to relax a little, the tension from worrying could be a cause for your headaches! And of course your sleeping schedule and the light from your phone at night. i hope you can find some peace in this worry!


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