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Anxiety causing fear about summer???

Hi all, if you read my previous posts you can see about my anxiety, this post is just about a problem I've had today.

So I live in the UK where its almost always cold and rainy, especially around this time of the year, however today was relatively sunny and really quite warm for us. For some reason it's started to totally freak me out.

I can't handle change at all and the thought of warm weather, no school with summer holidays, sun cream, the beach etc etc has all started to totally cause me to panic and I have no idea why? Normally I love those things but today it's making me so stressed, I'm having one of those days where I just can't cope.

Life honestly just seems more trouble than it's worth, everyday is the same because I can't handle breaking my routine

Every single thing in my life seems too much? Does that even make sense? Like I can't cope with my family or friends or boyfriend or school or anything, what is happening to me today????? I feel like I'm losing control and my head is bursting

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I suppose, Brightstar, we all feel safer in routine, depart from routine and you may encounter the unexpected which will cause us even more anxiety. Getting stressed about the prospect of summer and all it brings is strange, but once again strange thoughts are common in anxiety, we are allowed to have strange thoughts and the best policy is not to worry aboutthem, just accept them without fear like all the other symptoms of anxiety. When summer comes they will have passed but whether they have or not don't worry, just head for the beach with the rest of them.

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Hi Brightstar0109, I've never heard someone else express something that I've feared in the past. In Chicago (except for this year) we get the 4 seasons. I find that the winter months and fall of the year are easier for me to contend with. Come summer, more people are out, kids are out of school and it becomes more difficult for the anxious person to hide per se. So many of us are uncomfortable in getting out and interacting with neighbors, friends and even family members. Winter sort of gives you that excuse not to get out but once the weather is warm, there is no reason to stay indoors. And so the anxiety builds. You are not alone in feeling like this. I think there are a lot of mothers who fear summer vacation days off school. When anxious, the what ifs come forward as how to handle children being home all day if you might not feel good.

So yes to your question, does this make sense? It certainly does, we hate changes or unexpected surprises. Then again if we didn't have this, life sure would be dull.

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I actually am experiencing this myself this morning it has been quite warm here to like in the60s and the birds are chirping and I started to get a little anxious as I am not ready for warmer weather yet either. I want it to stay cold for awhile longer. I think my fear is I was sick last year in April and May and right now I have a cold and am in the middle of switching meds so I am nauseous and shaky too but this morning even smelled like spring and my anxiety is kicking in so I definitely get what you mean.

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