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This will be lengthy, but I hope you take the time to read it as I am literally all out of hope and cannot cope with this anymore. For months I had pain that radiates from my jaw and neck area to the side of one of my head temporal areas, not like pain, but as if someone was pushing there hard, not painful but noticeable like sort of a pressure that would turn into a burning pain. I recently went to the dentist as the doctor suspected bruxism. The dentist found my jaw cracks and pops as it moves. I get a dull pain on the back of my right head and on the side right above my right ear as if someone's pushing slightly. Some days it's not bad some days it is, but I always slush my jaw joint to ty stop the pain. I'm scared to death it's a tumor or something worse does this sound like TMJ. My jaw is often painful it's only on one side and it often accompanies with constant facial heat. The pain is never a headache it's just pressure and muscle pain all up one side leading to the temporal area I'm so scared. It's also come with fatigue and dizziness and I'm worried to god it's something terrible it just feels so odd has anyone else with tmd had this feeling?


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  • Check this out and see what you think.

  • Every day and my MRI was normal right before these newer symptoms have you had test ran to put your mind at rest. It should help you. My symptoms happened to change and screw me up good but if your symptoms are usually the same maybe a doctor can help you. I'm sorry you are feeling this way.

  • It's fine it's horrible and has basically ruined my life, but every time I suggest an mri or something of that nature doctors brush it off and yes it's always the same

  • Sorry to hear that. I was able to get test and happened to have symptoms change GE and left me feeling like a crazy awful person and I just don't know how you get through it. I hope you get well. So sorry you feel these things. I hope you have support

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