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Sad feeling when not anxious

Hi everyone. My anxiety has been much better lately. I practice mindfulness and use some supplements (magnesium and B12). But I do find that I'm more 'down'.

Not that I'm hopeless or anything, just a down feeling. Being a bit sad. Is this because my anxiety is going away? Or is this just depression starting? I'm seeing my therapist on wednesday, but it's just really weird to me.

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Hi, I hope you feel better. Wish I had an answer. I just posted about maybe trying a b6 supplement. I'm not sure if it's the same as b12. Maybe your anxiety is calming down. Also, recently I tried tulsi tea (holy basil tea) and it calmed me down for a few hrs. but I noticed towards the end of the day I was really down, moody, snappy, and VERY irritated with every little thing. I never drank it again. Are you feeling that way or are you just feeling down/sad?


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