shaking? :/

hello everyone. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas/solutions to stop legs and hands from shaking? i've always had a habit of shaking my leg or my hands as a way to cope with my anxiety, but recently it's gotten worse. over the past few months, every time my anxiety kicks in during class or at home, even over the slightest things, my legs start rapidly shaking to the point where i literally can't stop them. my hands also begin to shake, though i find tapping them on a table or surface usually helps calm it down a bit. i'd really appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me, especially as it's making my anxiety worse and causing me to worry even more than normal. even just a way to stop me from becoming anxious in the first place would be great. :) - sasha


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  • yes i always tap my foot or hands on something due to my nerves when having an anxiety attack! shaking is one of the most common anxiety symptoms and a clear way to tell you're nervous. Shaking is a result of an activated fight or flight system - an evolutionary tool that's meant to keep you safe in times of danger. it really depends on what works for you with trying to stop it or calm the shaking down. you could take deep breaths, go for a jog. But in general, the only way to stop shaking is to stop the anxiety that causes it. And i know that's not easy.

    I hope you work something out!! best of luck x

  • thank you so much for your reply. :) the next time i get really shaky i'll try doing one of the things you suggested, or just try to calm myself down and, like you said, stop the anxiety a little. thank you again. :)

    - sasha

  • no worries! i'm gad i could help in some way. Let me know how it goes! x

  • also, just remember that the next time it happens, don't fight it as it will only create more tension in your body muscles and make it worse! just accept that it's there, and that it's just telling you that you're nervous and go for a walk/jog, anything that helps!

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