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How to convince yourself you are ok?

So yesterday I had real bad pain on my left side. It felt like the pain was behind the rib cage (like deeper inside the body if that makes sense). I took some tylenol and the pain calmed down. This was around 6pm.or so.

Around 11pm the pain came back and felt even worse. I took some more tylenol around 1pm after I ate. Then I spent the next couple hours feeling nauseous. I think it's because of what I ate somehow or that I caught a stomach bug. I don't feel as bad today though nausea wise and never did get sick.

My question is when anxiety can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack, how do you convince yourself it's not one or how do you really know for sure without running to an ER in a panic? I mean, I've had multiple ekgs, blood work, chest xrays, one ct scan, and a stress test done over the past few months and all come back normal. The nauseous feeling almost pushed me into running to an er but I didn't. I had no fever and blood pressure was fine.

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Hi Btdoffing, just remember that every pain on the left side of our body does not automatically mean it's heart related. Knowing that you had multiple heart tests within the last few months, should relieve you of the worry that a catastrophic event is about to happen. Having gotten some relief with a Tylenol more than proves it was most likely muscle related.

Pain and anxiety in itself can cause a nausea feeling. I see you went the extra mile and checked your temp as well as blood pressure. I hope today you are feeling better. When in doubt, check it out. However you did several times over so take a deep breath and accept that it was anxiety and nothing more. my best.


if your tests doesn't show anything wrong, is because you don't have any desease, just remember that in the next time

and try do something relaxing, like see a funny movie, or listening music, if the pain doesn't pass, or became worst, you start to worry

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