Breathless feeling

Breathless feeling

Hi everyone,

So last night I was getting a breathless feeling I got super super anxious. It's like a breathless feeling like my heart skips a beat but it's inn my throat. I have had 2 ECG this year and everything is healthy. My doctor said I have an athlete heart not syndrome but that my heart beats slower and that it's a good thing. I have been having extremely bad anxiety lately and I dont know why 😞 I Am so sick of dealing with this it's so exhausting

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  • Jordanfrolic,

    Sorry to hear that you have been having bad anxiety lately. I am not a doctor, but I can relate to feeling breathless. Difficulty breathing (or what feels like) is my most debilitating anxiety symptom. I also find that it occurs at the base of my throat and can be persistent when I am having ongoing anxiety. I have to talk myself out of a panic attack and remind myself that it is not physically hurting me. Doing quick meditative/self-hypnosis/relaxation exercises has helped me in the past. I just have to force myself to take the extra fifteen minutes and stay focused on the meditation. Hope this helps some.

    Good luck to you,


  • That's me it literally lasted about 2hrs but I was constantly thinking about it so I think that's why. Except my sister was like I think there is something more wrong she's like that's scary

  • Yes, they can be super scary and family (bless their hearts) sometimes make it worse. Sounds like you have been ruling out health/heart related things. I mean it is always good to see your doctor. But, I know anxiety makes it extremely hard for me to breath. I really have to concentrate and turn inside myself (like meditation stuff) to help reduce the panic. It usually helps for awhile some. Although, there are times I have to literally lay down for fifteen minutes like four/five times a day. Just hang in there and always reach out if you want. It's nice to be able to talk to someone who shares the pain.


  • 😊 all my anxiety is health related always worried I am going to die. Lately it's been so tiring n I am so sick of it😞 I can't even drive alone I don't do anything I use to. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night n imagine a heart attack. Like what is wrong with me

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