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What my youngest daughter taught me about not giving up


Cailey is almost walking. She takes some steps and then stops. At times, the stop is followed by a thud. “Boomys” My wife chimes in, and a smile comes back to the face of an almost one-year-old on a mission to gain ground. I notice that she never gives up. “Boomys” and back up again. Our little pretty determined girl. Dale Carnegie could have had some great analogies for our little trooper. The more I study her determination, the more I realize what a very simple lesson it is. If you want something, you continue to try to push until you get it. She has no excuses. She cannot talk yet. If she could, what would she say? “I can’t try anymore Dad and Mom, because_________.”

You see, even I cannot think of a reason, and neither could she. The bottom line is that she does not know the option of failure. She does not know how to make excuses and convince herself that failure happens, you can’t win them all, try harder tomorrow, and so on. She simply pushes for her goal. Cailey has taught me a lesson. A lesson that can be placed in business, or any other avenue in life. -Unrealistic feats can be achieved if we know no better.

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