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I'm so anxious!

Hi guys asking for advice! Past few weeks I've been so Anxious! I keep getting pain in the centre of my back between my shoulder blades, my neck is. Stiff and both arms hurt, like burning arms, I feel constantly dizzy and not really here. I feel as if I'm going to die. I went to a&he the other day and they checked my heart/blood and tow X-rays told me everything with my heart was fine. But I can't stop the feeling it keeps creeping back. Shocking pain in both wrists I'm convinced I'm heading for a heart attack even though it's been checked. Anyone else had this? Appreciate a reply.

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Hello mrheap. I'm new to this site but have suffered anxiety since early teenage years. It sounds like you're experiencing panic attacks. They often feel like heart attacks and can be a little scary especially if not used to them. It might be worth checking out cognitive behaviour therapy or speaking to your doctor about medication. It sucks feeling anxious but we're here to support each other :)


Hey there! I'm also experiencing this on a daily basis. I've had multiple EKGs and went to two different cardiologists, have had 3 heart monitors, stress test which my heart rate got over 200bpm I thought I was going to die!! Or have a heart attack when I left the building. I fear everyday will be my last and I'll have a heart attack everyday I wake up. All test came back good and clean but I'm still not convinced. I have palpitations as well. I'm still hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not going to therapy which helps a little. Hang in there you're not alone. It's all from panic attacks.

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